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Prices are quoted in USD for Tourist Visitors. Prices are quoted in XCD for Antiguans (Local Visitors). 

Adults (16+) - $100.00 USD 
Children (6 -15 yrs) - $50.00 USD 
Infants (0 months - 5 yrs old) - FREE 


Students / Pensioners (65+) / Travel Agent: $80.00 USD 

Cabin & Cruise Ship Crew Members: $90.00 USD 

Veterans: $60.00 USD

Returning Guests / Participants:

Adults (16+) - $80.00 USD 

Children (6 - 15 yrs) - $40.00 USD 


Birthday Celebrant:

We offer a discounted price to visitors who choose to celebrate their birthday with us at Pig's Paradise Antigua. This discount is ONLY APPLICABLE if the Birthday Celebrant presents their ID electronically or upon arrival. An explanation is below:

Jane Doe will be 37 years old on the date of her visitation at Pig's Paradise. Because of such, Jane Doe's discount will be $37.00. Her balance will be $100.00 - $37.00 which is $63.00 (If she is a Tourist Visitor, the price will be quoted in USD. If she is an Antiguan, the price will be quoted in XCD).

Note Well:


Antiguan Visitors must present their ID upon arrival or electronically.


​"Returning Guests / Participants clients are guests who have visited more than once and are able to receive their discount with proof of visit (i.e., pictures, PayPal transaction, booking confirmation).​



Prices are quoted in USD for Tourist Visitors. Prices are quoted in XCD for Antiguans (Local Visitors)

Adults (16+) - $20.00 USD / XCD

Children (6-15) - $10.00 USD / XCD

Infants (0-5) - FREE

An Onlooker is an individual who is not participating in the tour but wishes to spectate the excursion. This individual is allowed to take images of the tour, at the cost stated above. An Onlooker is not authorized to participate in the tour as follows: petting / greeting the pigs and/or feeding the pigs on the shore / in the water.


Refundable Deposits:
• A refund is ONLY applicable if we, Pig’s Paradise Antigua, cancel tours due to unforeseen circumstances and we are unable to reschedule your appointment

Non-Refundable Deposits:
• A refund is NOT APPLICABLE for the following reasons: late arrival for appointment time, late cancellation notice, inability to locate us and/or no arrival due to flooding (unless otherwise communicated).

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