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Pigs in Paradise is an exclusive pig beach experience.

You can paddle, pet, feed, and cuddle our friendly piglets on a secluded picturesque beach (refreshments included).


Join us and learn all there is to know about these beautiful creatures. The Pig’s Paradise Team intends to change individuals’ perspectives of farm animals and to educate individuals about pigs with interactive and fun activities. We, Pig’s Paradise Team, pride ourselves on ensuring guests' safety through Demonstrative Health and Safety Protocols. We aim to display high standards and humane care guidelines.


Do remember, pigs are more than just food, pigs are also friends! Pig's Paradise Antigua aims to be globally recognized as a safe, humane, family-friendly place to swim with pigs.

Donate to Pigs Paradise

Pigs in Paradise has a goal to build a sanctuary for all animals with a keen focus on pigs. It is our intent for the pigs to have a home where they can live a happy and healthy life. 


We have been supporting the pigs financially by hosting tours and educating individuals on how intelligent and beneficial pigs are to us as humans. After 1.5 years, we have successfully purchased land and began construction. However, we are still in need of your support as we are still very far from our end goal.


Through rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary, our goal is to keep our pigs happy, healthy, safe, and enriched to live out their natural lives. We hope to one day open the sanctuary to the public and reach the hearts of other like minded animal lovers.


Seaforth Beach is a beautiful beach which we intend to leave spotless, as we found it, after each tour. Remember, trash cans hate that empty feeling inside so let’s put trash in its place. Can it for a greener planet!

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